Medical Collections

PIP/No-Fault Arbitrations in New Jersey


New Jersey’s Personal Injury Protection laws are very confusing.  As a medical provider it is extremely difficult to get fully paid by insurance carriers.  The most efficient method for medical providers to get reimbursed for unpaid treatment under New Jersey no-fault automobile insurance laws is through the Forthright Solutions PIP arbitration process (formerly NAF).

At the Law Firm of James W. Taylor, Jr. we specialize in PIP arbitrations.  Winning and settling PIP arbitrations for the highest percentages is very complex.  Experience counts.  Mr. Taylor and PIP specialist Andrew Goldstein have recovered millions of dollars for New Jersey medical providers.

The provider keeps 100% of the award or settlement.

My firm pays the filing fee.  Upon settlement or arbitration award filing fees and attorney fees are paid for by the insurance carrier.  This is a fee shift.  It costs the medical provider nothing to retain us.